Top Ten Posts of 2020


According to the WordPress statistics, this blog received over 64,000 visitors and 106,000 views in 2020.

Here are the ten most-viewed posts published during the year. All are in the What Is series that I started in March 2020, and which will continue in 2021.

  1. What is Numerical Stability?
  2. What Is a Condition Number?
  3. What Is a Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix?
  4. What Is the Sylvester Equation?
  5. What Is Backward Error?
  6. What Is a Matrix Square Root?
  7. What Is a Fréchet Derivative?
  8. What Is the Complex Step Approximation?
  9. What Is a Cholesky Factorization?
  10. What Is the Hilbert Matrix?

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