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Arthur Buchheim (1859-1888)

The new second edition of Horn and Johnson’s Matrix Analysis, about which I wrote in a previous post, includes in Problem 2.4.P2 a proof of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem that is valid for matrices with elements from a commutative ring and … Continue reading

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Second Edition (2013) of Matrix Analysis by Horn and Johnson

Horn and Johnson’s 1985 book Matrix Analysis is the standard reference for the subject, along with the companion volume Topics in Matrix Analysis (1991). This second edition, published 28 years after the first, is long-awaited. It’s a major revision: 643 … Continue reading

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Talk on Accuracy and Stability at Cardiff

My previous post was about the launch meeting of SIAM Student Chapter at Cardiff, at which I gave the opening talk. My talk was titled Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms and covered rounding of (floating point) numbers, the interplay … Continue reading

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First Meeting of Cardiff SIAM Student Chapter

One of SIAM’s newest chapters, its 104th, based at Cardiff University, held its inaugural meeting, the SIAM Chapter Day, on January 21st, 2013. Student Chapters of SIAM (The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) are groups based at universities and … Continue reading

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Top 5 Beamer Tips

Here are my top 5 tips for using Beamer, the popular LaTeX package for producing slides. 1. Navigation Symbols I’ve seen hundreds of talks with slides prepared in Beamer. I’ve yet to see anyone use the navigation symbols that Beamer … Continue reading

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A Black Background for More Restful PDF viewing

I find that large expanses of white on my screen can be hard on the eyes, so I’ve customized the colours of my main applications to yellow or white on black. For example, this is what my Emacs window looks … Continue reading

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Horace Lamb Portrait in Alan Turing Building

A portrait of Sir Horace Lamb (1849-1934), FRS, Beyer Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics from 1888 to 1920, is on display on the Atrium bridge of the Alan Turing building in the School of Mathematics at the University of … Continue reading

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Fine-Tuning Spacing in LaTeX Equations

For several years I’ve been fine-tuning the spacing in LaTeX equations using a tip from Donald Knuth (the same tip works with TeX). He mentioned it in a question and answer session that he gave in 1996 in Holland and … Continue reading

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SIAM Books on Google Play

In 2011 SIAM launched an institutional e-book program, which makes SIAM books available by chapter in PDF form for readers at subscribing institutions. As of late 2012, SIAM books are now available for individual e-book purchase from Google Play, for … Continue reading

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Trefethen’s Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice

This new 305-page SIAM book by Nick Trefethen presents a modern approach to approximation by polynomials and rational functions. Much of the theory here underlies the Chebfun software package and almost every page of the book contains examples computed using … Continue reading

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