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Top Five Posts of 2019

According to the WordPress statistics, this blog received over 39,000 visitors and 65,000 views in 2019. These are the five most-viewed posts published during the year. Who Invented the Matrix Condition Number? Numerical Algorithms for High-Performance Computational Science: Highlights of … Continue reading

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Lists in LaTeX with the enumitem Package

provides the enumerate and itemize environments for numbered and itemized (usually bulleted) lists, respectively. Various package are available that provide more customizable list environments. While preparing the third edition of Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences I came across … Continue reading

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A Mathematician Looks at the Collins English Dictionary

I have several dictionaries on my shelf, among which is a well-thumbed Collins English Dictionary (third edition, 1991). Earlier this year I acquired the thirteenth edition (2018). At 26.5cm high, 20cm wide, and 6.5cm deep, and weighing approximately 2.5kg, it’s … Continue reading

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