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Jack Williams (1943–2015)

Jack Williams passed away on November 13th, 2015, at the age of 72. Jack obtained his PhD from the University of Oxford Computing Laboratory in 1968 and spent two years as a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western … Continue reading

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Faster SVD via Polar Decomposition

The singular value decomposition (SVD) is one of the most important tools in matrix theory and matrix computations. It is described in many textbooks and is provided in all the standard numerical computing packages. I wrote a two-page article about … Continue reading

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Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis

Matrix analysis and numerical linear algebra are two very active, and closely related, areas of research. Matrix analysis can be defined as the theory of matrices with a focus on aspects relevant to other areas of mathematics, while numerical linear … Continue reading

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Corless and Fillion’s A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods from the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis

I acquired this book when it first came out in 2013 and have been dipping into it from time to time ever since. At 868 pages long, the book contains a lot of material and I have only sampled a … Continue reading

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Publication Peculiarities: Sequences of Papers

This is the third post is my sequence on publication peculiarities. It is not unusual to see a sequence of related papers with similar titles, sometimes labelled “Part I”, “Part II” etc. Here I present two sequences of papers with … Continue reading

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