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Programming the Commodore PET

My first programming languages were Fortran, learned in my mathematics degree, and Basic, which was the language built into the ROM (read only memory) of the Commodore PET. The PET—one of the early microcomputers, first produced in 1977—stored programs on … Continue reading

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Publication Peculiarities: More Author Lists

In an earlier post in my series of posts on publication peculiarities, I wrote about author lists. Here are some more offerings on the same topic. Number of Authors A contender for the world record for the paper with the … Continue reading

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PeerJ Computer Science: A New Publishing Experience

PeerJ Computer Science began operation in early 2015. I’ve just published a paper in the journal, and am also an editor of it. PeerJ Computer Science does a lot of things differently than journals that I’ve published with before, so … Continue reading

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Improved MATLAB Function Sqrtm

The MATLAB function sqrtm, for computing a square root of a matrix, first appeared in the 1980s. It was improved in MATLAB 5.3 (1999) and again in MATLAB 2015b. In this post I will explain how the recent changes have … Continue reading

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