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Typesetting Mathematics According to the ISO Standard

In The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics we used the conventions that the constants e (the base of the natural logarithm) and i (the imaginary unit), and the d in derivatives and integrals, are typeset in an upright font. These … Continue reading

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Manchester 1970s Video Computer Science Lectures

At The University of Manchester nowadays, every lecturer is a podcaster. Sound from microphones and projected material is automatically recorded in lecture rooms, enabling registered students to revisit a lecture at any time after it has been given. These recording … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Equations in Applied Mathematics

The BBC Earth website has just published a selection of short articles on beautiful mathematical equations and is asking readers to vote for their favourite. I wondered if we had included these equations in The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics … Continue reading

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Numerical Linear Algebra Group 2015

The Manchester Numerical Linear Algebra group was very active in 2015. This post summarizes what we got up to. Publications are not included here, but many of them can be found on MIMS EPrints under the category Numerical Analysis. Software … Continue reading

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Distraction-Free Editing with Emacs

In recent years there has been a trend towards distraction-free writing, in which text is typed in a plain, full-screen window without distractions such as a web browser, email client, and notifications. The idea is that the writer can focus … Continue reading

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Jeff Rohl’s Fortran TV Course

As a first year mathematics undergraduate at the University of Manchester in 1979, I had to choose one course from another department. Like the majority of students, I chose the Fortran Programming course CS151 provided for mathematics students by the … Continue reading

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Managing BibTeX Files with Emacs

Here are a couple of tips on exploiting Emacs when working with BibTeX databases. I do not use a BibTeX database manager (though I have tried Jabref). I prefer to edit my bib files entirely within Emacs, and have had … Continue reading

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Conference Photo Highlights of 2015

Here are my five favourite photos taken at conferences that I attended in 2015. Salt Lake City The SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, held in Salt Lake City in March, was the largest SIAM conference ever, with almost … Continue reading

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