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What is the Kronecker Product?

The Kronecker product of two matrices and (also called the tensor product) is the matrix1 In other words, is the block matrix with block . For example, Notice that the entries of comprise every possible product , which is not … Continue reading

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What Is the Gerstenhaber Problem?

When Cayley introduced matrix algebra in 1858, he did much more than merely arrange numbers in a rectangular array. His definitions of addition, multiplication, and inversion produced an algebraic structure that has proved to be immensely useful, and which still … Continue reading

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What Is a Cholesky Factorization?

The Cholesky factorization of a symmetric positive definite matrix is the factorization , where is upper triangular with positive diagonal elements. It is a generalization of the property that a positive real number has a unique positive square root. The … Continue reading

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What is Numerical Stability?

Numerical stability concerns how errors introduced during the execution of an algorithm affect the result. It is a property of an algorithm rather than the problem being solved. I will assume that the errors under consideration are rounding errors, but … Continue reading

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