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Org Mode Syntax Cheat Sheet

I’m a keen user of Emacs and Org mode for a variety of tasks, including note taking, generating documents for exporting to LaTeX, Word, or html. creating blog posts (notably for this blog, using Org2blog). Although Org mode is usually … Continue reading

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Distraction-Free Editing with Emacs

In recent years there has been a trend towards distraction-free writing, in which text is typed in a plain, full-screen window without distractions such as a web browser, email client, and notifications. The idea is that the writer can focus … Continue reading

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Managing BibTeX Files with Emacs

Here are a couple of tips on exploiting Emacs when working with BibTeX databases. I do not use a BibTeX database manager (though I have tried Jabref). I prefer to edit my bib files entirely within Emacs, and have had … Continue reading

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My Dot Emacs

I have been using Emacs on Unix systems since the 1980s. The vast majority of my work is done on PCs, though, and from about 1988 until 2011 I used an editor for the PC called Qedit, later renamed TSE … Continue reading

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Emacs and Org Mode: What People are Saying

For a couple of years I’ve been collecting tweets about Emacs and Org mode. With the Twitter app’s new ability to provide code to embed tweets I decided to create a post listing the collection. If you are not an … Continue reading

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Solutions to Some Emacs Problems

I’ve been using Emacs exclusively for a couple of years, on both Windows and Mac machines. Prior to that I had used it intermittently, mainly on Unix machines, for over 20 years. In setting up and customizing Emacs I’ve hit … Continue reading

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Emacs Org Mode Version 8: Upgrading and Some Tips

As I mentioned in my post Emacs: The Ultimate Editor?, one of the things I love about Emacs is Org mode, which provides excellent facilities for working with plain text and exporting it to a variety of other formats. Recently … Continue reading

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Emacs: The Ultimate Editor?

I started using Emacs about 1990 but have been using it exclusively for just two years. Prior to that my main editor was TSE Pro – a fast, customizable Windows-only editor that evolved from a 1980s DOS editor called Qedit. … Continue reading

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