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Mathematics and Digital Photography

A few months ago I wrote a post Mathematics in Color, in which I discussed some mathematical aspects of color and showed how a simple change of basis from RGB color space to LAB color space can enable dramatic color … Continue reading

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Iterating MATLAB Commands

Some MATLAB commands can be “applied to themselves”. A good example is help help, which provides help on the help function. For what other functions fun is fun fun a legal statement that produces something interesting? Here are some examples … Continue reading

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Quotes on Applied Mathematics

In the 1000 or so pages of The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics the 165 authors offer insight, wisdom, and humour. Here is a selection of quotes from the book. Gil Strang (page 939) “Our subject is extremely large!” David … Continue reading

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Five Books on Applied Mathematics

The website Five Books consists of interviews with experts about their five favourite books in their subject. I was recently interviewed about my favourite popular applied mathematics books. After making my original choice of books (ones that I use in … Continue reading

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