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Most Popular Posts of 2015

WordPress provides detailed statistics on views of posts. These are the five most-viewed posts published on thus blog in 2015. The Rise of Mixed Precision Arithmetic (October). Programming Languages: An Applied Mathematics View (September). The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics … Continue reading

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Publication Peculiarities: Author Lists

Continuing my series of posts on publication peculiarities, I turn to author lists with interesting features. Repeated Surnames We are looking for authors who share the same surnames and preferably are not related. It would be hard to beat Allen … Continue reading

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Punctuating Lists

Lists are common in all forms of writing. The list items can be included within the text or put on separate lines. Separate lines are used in order to draw attention to the items, to ease reading when the items … Continue reading

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Three BibTeX Tips

BibTeX is an important part of my workflow in writing papers and books. Here are three tips for getting the most out of it. 1. DOI and URL Links from Bibliography Entries A digital object identifier (DOI) provides a persistent … Continue reading

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Mathematics at the Victoria University of Manchester

The Victoria University of Manchester (VUM) merged with the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in 2004 to form The University of Manchester. The two former Departments of Mathematics joined together to form the School of Mathematics. … Continue reading

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Applied Mathematics Workflow

This blog, which is almost three years old, is titled “Applied mathematics, software and workflow”. Workflow refers to everything involved in a research activity except the actual research. It’s about how to do many different things: edit and typeset a … Continue reading

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Publication Peculiarities: Acknowledgements

It is always interesting to look at the acknowledgements section of a paper, if one is present, in the hope of finding something (often unintentionally) humorous or unexpected. Here are some that I’ve collected, all from published mathematics papers. Faulty … Continue reading

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