The Ten Most-Viewed Posts of 2022


According to the WordPress statistics, this blog received over 192,000 visitors and 281,000 views in 2022. These are the ten most-viewed posts published during the year.

  1. Seven Sins of Numerical Linear Algebra
  2. What Is an Eigenvalue?
  3. The Big Six Matrix Factorizations
  4. What Is a Schur Decomposition?
  5. What Is a Permutation Matrix?
  6. What Is the Logarithmic Norm?
  7. What Is the Jordan Canonical Form?
  8. What Is the Frank Matrix?
  9. What Is a Circulant matrix?
  10. What Is a Toeplitz Matrix?

Eight of the posts are from the What Is series, which now contains 83 articles; more will follow in 2023.

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