The Ten Most-Viewed Posts in 2021

Image credit: Stuart Miles.

According to the WordPress statistics, this website received over 138,000 visitors and 205,000 views in 2021.

Here are the ten blog posts (published at any time) that received the most views during the year.

  1. Better LaTeX Tables with Booktabs (2019)
  2. What Is a Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix? (2020)
  3. What Is a Condition Number? (2020)
  4. Can We Solve Linear Algebra Problems at Extreme Scale and Low Precisions? (2021)
  5. What Is a Householder Matrix? (2020)
  6. What Is the Cayley–Hamilton Theorem? (2020)
  7. What Is an LU Factorization? (2021)
  8. Five Examples of Proofreading (2017)
  9. What is Numerical Stability? (2020)
  10. What Is the Log-Sum-Exp Function? (2021)

Seven of the posts are from the What Is series, which passed fifty posts in April. The series is ongoing and I have several posts in preparation for early 2022.

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