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Numerical Methods That (Usually) Work

A book that inspired me early in my career is Numerical Methods That Work by Forman S. Acton, published in 1970 by Harper and Row. Acton, a professor in the electrical engineering department at Princeton University, had a deep understanding … Continue reading

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More Tips on Book and Thesis Writing

Following my earlier post Top Five Tips on Book Writing, here are seven more tips. These apply equally well to writing a thesis. 1. Signpost Citations In academic writing we inevitably include a fair number of citations to entries in … Continue reading

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Top Five Tips on Book Writing

I’ve written four books, and am currently writing and editing a fifth (The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics). I am also an editor of two SIAM book series and chair the SIAM Book Committee. Based on this experience here are … Continue reading

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Second Edition (2014) of Handbook of Linear Algebra edited by Hogben

One of the two or three largest books I have ever owned was recently delivered to me. The second edition of the Handbook of Linear Algebra, edited by Leslie Hogben (with the help of associate editors Richard Brualdi and G. … Continue reading

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Fourth Edition (2013) of Golub and Van Loan’s Matrix Computations

Back in 1980 there were not many up to date books on numerical linear algebra. Stewart’s Introduction to Matrix Computations (1973) was a popular textbook, and was the text for the final year undergraduate course that I took on the … Continue reading

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Second Edition (2013) of Matrix Analysis by Horn and Johnson

Horn and Johnson’s 1985 book Matrix Analysis is the standard reference for the subject, along with the companion volume Topics in Matrix Analysis (1991). This second edition, published 28 years after the first, is long-awaited. It’s a major revision: 643 … Continue reading

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SIAM Books on Google Play

In 2011 SIAM launched an institutional e-book program, which makes SIAM books available by chapter in PDF form for readers at subscribing institutions. As of late 2012, SIAM books are now available for individual e-book purchase from Google Play, for … Continue reading

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Trefethen’s Approximation Theory and Approximation Practice

This new 305-page SIAM book by Nick Trefethen presents a modern approach to approximation by polynomials and rational functions. Much of the theory here underlies the Chebfun software package and almost every page of the book contains examples computed using … Continue reading

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