Conference Photo Highlights of 2015

Here are my five favourite photos taken at conferences that I attended in 2015.

Salt Lake City

The SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, held in Salt Lake City in March, was the largest SIAM conference ever, with almost 1600 attendees. This photo shows co-chair Chris Johnson being interviewed for a SIAM video. Sonja Stark (PilotGirl Productions) is on the camera, Adam Bauser (Bauser Media Group) is conducting the interview, and SIAM Public Awareness Officer Karthika Swamy Cohen is standing far right. This team has produced many excellent videos, which can be found on SIAM’s YouTube channel. See, in particular, CSE15 Poster Sizzle and I Use Math For…. 150317-1417-06-2328.jpg


The SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra was held in Atlanta in October at the Hyatt Regency hotel. The hotel has a very impressive design with a large atrium overlooked by walkways off which the rooms are situated. This photo was taken looking down into the atrium from one corner, showing the pink light that illuminated this structure during the hours of darkness. 151028-0151-16-3180.jpg I rarely take wildlife photographs, not least due to lack of time, but occasionally an opportunity presents itself. The next image was captured just two blocks from the conference hotel, thanks to an unusually tame buzzard who was happy to pose for my camera. 151029-1956-20-3281.jpg


I gave the after-dinner talk at the 26th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis in Glasgow last June (see this post for more details, and this Storify of the conference). The conference dinner was held in the Òran Mór, a converted church in the west end of Glasgow. The next photo shows the impressive venue as it was being set up. 150625-1916-33-2809.jpg


In August, many of us gathered in Oxford to celebrate Nick Trefethen’s 60th birthday, at the New Directions in Numerical Computation conference. I very much like this photo, which shows Andy Wathen contemplating one of life’s deeper questions: the linear system of equations Ax=b. A Storify of the conference is available. 150826-0954-20-3015.jpg

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