Quotes on Applied Mathematics

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

In the 1000 or so pages of The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics the 165 authors offer insight, wisdom, and humour. Here is a selection of quotes from the book.

  • Gil Strang (page 939)

“Our subject is extremely large!”

  • David Tong (page 374)

“Classical mechanics is an ambitious subject. Its purpose is to predict the future and reconstruct the past, to determine the history of every particle in the universe.”

  • Heather Mendick (page 949)

“Jurassic Park, which … contains perhaps the only screen example of a `cool’ mathematician.”

  • Sergio Verdu (page 545)

“Authored in 1948 by Claude Shannon (1916–2001), `A mathematical theory of communication’ is the Magna Carta of the information age and information theory’s big bang.”

  • Ya-xiang Yuan (page 953)

“China … has a long tradition of mathematicians being well respected, and famous mathematicians are often put into high-ranking positions in government.”

  • Ian Stewart (page 912)

“Always wanted to write a book? Then do so. Just be aware of what you are letting yourself in for.”

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