SIAM Annual Meeting Minisymposium on Professional Use of Social Media

Tammy Kolda and I are organizing a minisymposium Establishing a Professional Presence in the Online World: Unraveling the Mysteries of Social Media and More at the 2013 SIAM Annual Meeting in San Diego.

This page will act as a repository for the slides of the talks, related information, and a place for discussion. It will be updated as necessary from the date of first post. (Edit: the titles now link to the final versions of the talks in PDF form.)

MS89: Thursday, July 11, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM in Garden Salon I

Abstract: I will discuss the importance of making your publications easily
available online and various ways to maintain such a list. We’ll discuss
important information to include (like DOIs), various websites that
maintain the lists for you, and tools for tracking and exporting your own

Abstract: I’ll describe my experiences using social media from the past
few years and some lessons. This will include a brief survey of the tools
out there my reasons for using Twitter and WordPress.

Abstract. I will discuss how and why social media can be useful for a
researcher, both as a consumer and a contributor, drawing on my own
experiences of using Twitter and blogging with WordPress. I will also
discuss how SIAM is using social media.

Abstract. I will discuss the importance of blogging for scientific
communication in general, and more specifically, why SIAM may be ready
for a community blog. Based on surveys SIAM has conducted, I will
discuss how a shared blog space can help address the many needs of the
SIAM community in terms of networking, collaboration, scientific
discussion, funding and outreach. More broadly, I will discuss the
importance of direct communication between scientists and the general
public, and how blogs can help achieve this.

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